Day 1; Relationship

My relationship is non-exhistant. I am single. I am happy being single because I have so many priorities to deal with that I feel I would put a boyfriend on the back burner. I also dont just jump into relationships to do so. I am 22 and if I am going to be in a relationship with someone I want to be able to build something that will last longer then just a few months or a year, I want something that is going to be promising for a long time.

However there are times that I wish I had a guy to just do fun things with, go to the movies with, go out to eat with. Someone I can be compleatley open with, be myself, and have him love me for who I am, no reservations. Someone who can see me with no make up on and my hair in a bun and be okay with that.

Untill then, i will be Single and free.

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  • Posted: 31 October 2011